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School Calendar


Presidential Academic Excellence Award Winners Sixteen seniors received recognition for their academic performance at the Honor Program held Tues., May 16, in the Auditorium. Community scholarships were awarded at the program as well. Awards related to music, drama, and other activities will be given at the Rebel Pride Ceremony later this month.


The USC Continuing Education Committee will meet on 
Wednesday, May 24 to approve clock hour applications.


GRIT MAGAZINE: Mr. Jackson is pleased to introduce Grit, a literary magazine featuring selected poems and storieswritten by his 7th and 8th grade English students at USC.  Each selection includes an introduction by Mr. Jackson that helps set the tone for the student's work.  

Click here for the online version of the magazine.

Congratulations to all of the students whose works were selected for inclusion in this wonderful collection!  Thank you, Mr. Jackson, for creating Grit and offering students the opportunity to share their voices.

USC Prom May 6th



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