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Speech Categories/MSHSL

Categories/Genres & Skills required:

Creative Expression: Write your own humorous or serious selection. Acting/Speaking

Discussion: In a group, come up with solutions to feeding the world. Strong Academic

Dramatic Duo: Two people act out a scene from a play. Acting/Speaking

Extemp. Reading: Draw one of a dozen stories and perform with the script. Limited Acting

Extemp. Speaking: Draw any topic in the news and write a persuasive speech in 30 minutes. Strong Academic

Great Speeches: Analyze and perform sections from a famous speech. Strong Academic

Humorous: Choose and perform a humorous prose selection. Acting/Speaking

Informative: Prepare unique, interesting, informative speech w/sharp visual aids. Strong Academic

Original Oratory: Prepare a researched persuasive speech. Strong Academic

Serious Drama: Perform a serious, emotional cutting from a play. Strong Acting

Serious Poetry: Perform cutting(s) from poems. Dramatic, disturbing, cutting edge poetry. Strong Acting

Serious Prose: Perform selections from books or short stories. Strong Acting

Storytelling: Draw one of a dozen stories, get familiar with it, and “wing it” from memory. Acting/Academic