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Answers for February 3 Challenge

Topic One: Valentine’s Day

100 Points: What is the most popular flower purchased by men in the US?

Red rose or rose

200 Points: Who is said to be the son of Venus (Roman goddess of Love) and is often associated with Valentine’s day?


300 Points: Children ages 6 to 10 exchange more than 650 million Valentine’s cards with whom?

Their teachers

400 Points: Which state produces about 60% of America’s roses?


500 Points: How many hours did Amnat Puttigo hold his wife in his arms for to win a “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” contest?

10 hours

Topic Two: Walt Disney

100 Points: Name one of the two tallest mountains in Walt Disney World

Big Thunder Mountain or Space Mountain

200 Points: What year did Walt Disney die?


300 Points: What was the largest construction project in the entire US in 1979?

Building of Epcot

400 Points: What was the first full-length film produced by the Walt Disney Feature Animation at the Disney-MGM Studios?


500 Points: Disney’s Animal Kingdom contains live plants from every continent on Earth except what?


Topic Three: Useless Knowledge About USC Teachers

100 Points: Who was in the Marine Corps?
Mr. Wesley

200 Points: What teacher used to shave the word “Stud” in his hair during the high school wrestling season?

Mr. Williams

300 Points: Which teacher used to chug several bottles of Coke and eat 1 pound Hershey bars after most basketball practices?

L. Johnson

400 Points: Which teacher’s grandfather had 16 siblings?

Mrs. Chaffee

500 Points: Which teacher got busted for writing their own excuse to go home from school?

Mrs. Schuster

Topic Four: River Hills Mall

100 Points: How many restaurants are part of the Carousel Food Court?

200 Points: How many screens does the mall theater have?


300 Points: What are the four current anchor stores?

Target, JCPenney, Herberger’s, Sears

400 Points: How big will the newest, fifth anchor store, Scheels, be?

120,000 square feet

500 Points: What time does the mall open Monday through Saturday?

10 AM

Topic Five: Super Bowl

100 Points: Which NFL team has played in the most Super Bowls?

Dallas Cowboys (8 times)

200 Points: Who is the only dome team to win a Super Bowl?

St. Louis Rams

300 Points: Which two teams are tied for most Super Bowls won with 5 wins each?

San Fransisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys

400 Points: Which team was the first to win a Super Bowl as a wild card?

Oakland Raiders (vs. Philly Eagles in Super Bowl XV)

500 Points: Which team had the most fumbles in a Super Bowl and how many times did they fumble?

Buffalo Bills, 8 times (vs. Redskins)