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There are two ways to earn money for your child: through points, and through money in their individual accounts.

Points that are earned are later converted into monetary values to help pay for trips. Students who earn 25 points receive one "allotment" of money, students who earn 50 points receive two "allotments" of money. Once you've earned all 50 points, DON'T STOP! Whenever you contribute and volunteer, it generates more money for the Fine Arts Boosters. This means that your points and allotments are worth more money! Some allotments have been as high as $300 per allotment (or $600 if you've earned all 50 points) - it just depends on how much people are willing to get involved! 

How to earn points:
  • Volunteer to chair/help with events (bake sales, concessions, parades, etc.)
  • Provide baked goods for bake sales/events
  • Attend monthly booster meetings 

Students will have the opportunity to sell items throughout the year. The money earned from these types of fundraisers go directly into their account. Rebel Cards and Frozen Food sales are the two big fundraisers students can do to add money to their individual accounts. This money can be used to help pay for the cost of the trip, and can also be their spending money on the trip.