TESTS and WORKSHOPS to help you prepare for the COLLEGE ADMISSION

**Important ACT Information for Juniors**

This year, all Juniors will be given the ACT test Plus Writing, on March 15, 2016, at USC High School during the school day. This test will be free and is mandated for all Juniors. This is an excellent opportunity for all of our students to take a college entry exam, have a score on file and send that score to colleges they are interested in, at no cost! Exact details of the day will be forth coming, but please make sure your Junior is in school on March 15 for the test.

Doing well on the ACT is important and is often used as a requirement for gaining admittance into the college or university of your choice. ACT provides a free test preparation booklet for students who register for the exam. These are available in the HS office. Many students choose to do a prep workshop in addition to studying on their own.

The EXPLORE and PLAN test are created by ACT and offered to all students in the 8th and 10th grade, respectively. These exams provide helpful information about each student's "college readiness" at their current grade level. This information also helps students know if their skills are at the benchmark level they should be. With early interventions students can work to improve their skills and make sure they plan ahead to achieve the ACT score they are hoping for. The EXPLORE and PLAN tests also provide good information about careers based on student's responses to questions about their interests. This information can help students begin planning early for coursework selections in high school and career exploration....to ensure they utilize all resources available to map out a plan to accomplish their future goals.

DATES for 2015-16 are:
PLAN - November 25, 2015
EXPLORE - November 25, 2015
ASVAB - January 20, 2016 8:20 am (Juniors)
ACT Plus Writing- March 15, 2016 8:20am (Juniors)

Your HS Counselor is available to answer any questions you have about these ACT based exams and workshops. In addition, she can help you interpret the results of the tests and help you know how to use them to effectively plan and prepare for your college and career goals.