How and why did this “True Team” thing begin ?
The concept of True Team track and field in the United States was initiated in 1987 by the Minnesota State Track and Field Coaches Association. True Team, as the name implies, is an attempt to gauge the overall strength of an entire track and field team at a large meet as opposed to simply relying an a few individuals to win a “team” championship.
In True Team competition, all individuals and relays participating in the meet are eligible to earn points toward their team’s score. In this way, the strength of a team is not determined by a couple of exceptional individuals on that team, but rather by all the members participating on that team. There are 3 classes in Minnesota State True Team Competition based on enrollment (with Class AAA being the largest). In Class A and AA each team is allowed 2 entries in each individual event and 1 entry in each relay event. In Class AAA each team is allowed 3 entries in each individual event and 1 entry in each relay event. Throughout the State there are 8 sections in each class with the Champion of each section advancing to the True Team State Meet. From the pool of second place teams at these section meets, a “Wild Card” team is selected to advance to the True Team State Meet based upon that team’s performance at their Section Meet.
This gives us our field of nine boys teams and 9 girls teams in each of the three classes.
Minnesota is one of the few states which holds True Team competition in Track & Field. It is organized, governed, and sponsored by the State Track & Field Coaches Association.
We on the True Team committee, as well as the Minnesota State Track and Field Coaches Association, believe we have something very special for young athletes in the True Team concept. In a culture that at times only honors the exceptionally gifted, we feel we have perhaps stumbled upon something much more important. Regardless of whether someone is the star or the third best discus thrower on a high school track team, they all matter and have something important to offer to their “teammates”.

True Team Philosophy
Why True Team ?