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 PBIS Curriculum
      Classroom Hallway and
Assembly and Activities

Bus Lunch Recess Restrooms All Settings Including Outside USC
Respect Rights of Others

Using a Moderate Tone of Voice

Do Your Share of the Work

Appropriate and Inappropriate Language

Respect Authority

Follow Directions


Taking Turns

  Behavior In Public Places 
Be Responsible

 Be Trustworthy

EC Hallway Expectations

Hall Behavior
Lesson Plan - Hallways

Be Responsible Without Supervision
     Table Manners

Must Be Respectful and Responsible in the Cafeteria

Being Responsible - Cafeteria

Appropriate Lunchroom Behavior

Lunchroom Expectations

Be Safe  Line Basics

PBIS Hallway Lesson Plan

Stay Out Of Trouble
     Lining Up

Being Safe-Cafeteria

Physical Contact