Graduation Requirements
8 Semester Credits (4 years) of Language Arts - English
8 Semester Credits (4 years) of Social Studies
6 Semester Credits (3 years) of Math (Algebra Topics level and higher with minimum of Algebra II)
6 Semester Credits (3 years) of Science
(including 1 year of Biology and 1 year of either Chemistry or Physics)
2 Semester Credits (1 each) of Physical Education and Health
2 Semester Credits (1 year) of Fine Arts (Music and/or Art)
1 Semester Credit of Personal Finance and Careers (starting with class of 2018)

Along with passing the above 33 credits, students must earn a TOTAL of 48 credits to meet USC Graduation Requirements.

The State of MN also requires students to pass the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (Reading and Math) OR take a college readiness/placement test such as: ACT, Accuplacer, ASVAB 

2017-2018 Testing Requirements
10th Grade - Reading test, Science Test
11th Grade - Math test

11th grade students will also be taking the ASVAB in January and the ACT on April 3, 2018.