Study Skills are essential to success in high school and college
There are many resources available online to help students gain study skills and find learning tools that may help them with homework. Some links are listed below (under the Tutoring Options).

In addition, students are always encouraged (and expected) to talk with their HS teachers and/or the HS Counselor to request help in working toward their academic goals.


Below is a list of FREE online tutoring sites that you might find helpful.

A link to HippoCampus is shown below. This is a great and FREE site to get specific help in subjects that students commonly struggle with. For example: you can find videos and simulations for Algebra using the exact textbook used by students in school, which may be able to guide your student to a better understanding for solving problems that are too challenging for them to solve without extra help. You can access this site on your own time and in the comfort of your home (or the public library if you do not have home internet access).

Click on the link below:

Free Homework Help
for Military Children for U.S. Military Families
( provides free, personalized 24/7 online academic support to military- connected children. This Department of Defense-funded program is provided at no cost to grades K-12 children in National Guard, Reserve and Active Duty military families, regardless of the service member's deployment status.

Some Sites for STUDY SKILLS: