Mrs. Ethel Aranda

Bienvenidos a la clase de Español aquí en USC!

Welcome to the Spanish class here at USC!

My name is Mrs. Ethel Aranda. I am from Colombia, South America. 

I have lived here in Wells, MN most of my life. I am married and have two wonderful kids. Spanish is my first language and I am very excited to teach the students here at USC something I love. I have worked as a teacher for over 6 years now and I am certified to teach a foreign language.  As a USC graduate, I am proud to be coming back as the new Spanish teacher.

The courses I will impart are:

Spanish I: This class is an introductory level course, and we will focus on beginning to speak and understand the Spanish language.

Spanish II: This class is a continuation of Spanish I, and is appropriate for students who already had one year of high school Spanish.

Spanish III: This class is a continuation of Spanish II, and is appropriate for students who have had two years of high school Spanish.

Please note:  You will not find updated daily assignments on this website. 

I use Schoology to show my assignments for each class.  If you are a student, you already know this and know how to use it.  If you are a parent and would like access, please email me for your personal access codes.