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Small Gas Engines: Syllabus

Small Gas Engine Theory and Operation
Transportation Technology Occupations
Small Gas Engines

Program Code: 170303 Course Code:
Grades 10 - 12
Grad Standard: Technical Reading
1 semester credit, meets 89 times,47 minutes each time for 69.7 hours.

Course Description
This course will introduce the theory and operation of 2 and 4 stroke gas and diesel engines. Instruction on the care and maintenance as well as engine reconditioning and overhaul will be explored. Careers in engine mechanics will be covered.

Course Assignments
Assignment I: Engine Construction

Assignment Il: Workplace Safety

Assignment IIl: Engine Disassembly. Students will disassemble an engine to learn of the parts.

Assignment IV: Engine Theory. Operation of 4 stroke cycle, 2 stroke cycle and diesel engines.

Assignment V: Engine Systems. Fuel, electrical, cooling and lubrication systems will be covered.

Assignment Vl: Engine Performance Measurement. How is horsepower determined.

Assignment VIl: Engine Reassembly. Students will reassemble the engine they disassembled earlier. It must run correctly.

Assignment VIIl: Troubleshooting. Procedures used to determine why an engine is not running.

Assignment lX: Project engines. Students are asked to bring in an engine that does not work and get it running.

Additional requirements
Attendance: Since this a task performance type of class, you need to be in class in order to perform the tasks required and receive the information presented. Points will be deducted from your daily grade for absences and tardies. Students can replace missed points by making up lab time before or after school or presenting missed lecture notes to instructor. 2 days for make up are allowed for each day absent per school policy.

Due dates: Written assignments will be due on or before the date given. Late assignments will be downgraded 10% grade for each day after the due date.

Students will be asked to bring engines or vehicles to class to work on.

Grading Policy
Quarter grades will be determined by total points of all assignments and tests.

100 - 97 A 79 - 77 C+
96 - 94 A 76 - 74 C
93 - 90 A- 73 - 70 C-
89 - 87 B+ 69 - 67 D+
86 - 84 B 66 - 64 D
83 - 80 B- 63 - 60 D-


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