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Construction: Syllabus

Construction Occupations - General

Program Code: 171000 Course Code:
Grades 10-12
Grad Standard: Shape and Space Measurement
1 semester credit, meets 85 days, 47 minutes each day for a total of 66.5 hours.

Course Description
This class will explore the methods, materials, processes and skills of the construction trades. Students will acquire skills in carpentry, electricity and plumbing. Various trades will be researched.

Course Assignments
Assignment I: Blueprint reading. This unit will introduce symbols and information found in structural plans.

Assignment Il: Safety in the Construction workplace. OSHA requirements and personal safety are covered.

Assignment IIl: Concrete block laying. After discussion about concrete placement and foundations and footings, students will learn to lay block.

Assignment IV: Wall construction: All parts contained in a wall will be presented.

Assignment V: Residential electricity: Learn to wire circuits according to the National Electrical Code.

Assignment Vl: Residential plumbing: From history of plumbing to basic repair and connection. Sweat soldering will be taught.

Assignment VIl: Drywall: Drywall placement and taping.

Assignment VIIl: Roof systems: Learn about trusses, rafters and shingling.

Assignment IX: We will build a building of some sort, a storage shed to a garage, depending on needs of area community members.

Additional requirements
Attendance: Since this a task performance type of class, you need to be in class in order to perform the tasks required and the information presented. Points will be deducted from your daily grade for absences and tardies. . Students can replace missed points by making up lab time before or after school or presenting missed lecture notes to instructor. 2 days for make up are allowed for each day absent per school policy.

Due dates: Written assignments will be due on or before the date given. Late assignments will be downgraded 10% grade for each day after the due date.

Grading Policy

Quarter grades will be determined by total points of all assignments and tests.

90 - 100% A
80 - 89% B
70 - 79% C
60 - 69% D
50 - 59% D-
Below 50 % F


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