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Woods I: Syllabus

Woods I
Construction Occupations - Finishing
Woods I

Program Code: 171016 Course Code: 01
Grades 9 -12
Grad Standard: None assigned to this class
1 semester credit

Course Description
This is an introductory class in woodworking. Students will get current information on materials, tools processes, safety and technological developments in products, tools, building techniques careers, and cost estimation. Students will learn the steps in processing materials from the design phase to finish thorough the building of a project.

Course Assignments
Assignment I: Case goods and construction. Methods of cabinet and furniture construction.

Assignment II: Plans and bill of material. What is shown on a plan and how to develop a bill of materials.

Assignment III: Woodworking joints. Types and proper use of wood joints.

Assignment IV: Machine operation and safety. Machine procedures and shop safety are covered.

Assignment V: Adhesives. Use of adhesives and clamping devices.

Assignment VI: Mechanical Fasteners.

Assignment VII: Sanding machines and preparing for finishing.

Assignment VIII: Finishes.

Assignment IX: Project. Students will be building a project in this class. We will cover various units as work progresses on the project.

Additional requirements
Attendance: Since this a task performance type of class, you need to be in class in order to perform the tasks required and receive the information presented. Points will be deducted from your daily grade for absences and tardies. Students can replace missed points by making up lab time before or after school or presenting missed lecture notes to instructor. 2 days for make up are allowed for each day absent per school policy.

Due dates: Written assignments will be due on or before the date given. Late assignments will be downgraded 1/10 grade for each day after the due date.

There will be a fee for materials.

Grading Policy
Quarter grades will be determined by total points of all assignments and tests.

90 - 100% A
80 - 89% B
70 - 79% C
60 - 69% D
Below 60 % F


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