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What is Knowledge Bowl, anyway? 

Minnesota Service Cooperatives' Knowledge Bowl competitions are interdisciplinary academic contests designed for students in grades 7-12.  [Note:  USC does not have a junior high knowledge bowl team.]  During the contest, teams of students compete in written and oral rounds by answering questions related to all areas of learning, typical of secondary educational programs.  Questions test students' recall, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. 

A senior high Knowledge Bowl team consists of five members only, including the alternate.  Only four members compete during the oral rounds.  A member of each team is appointed as a spokesperson, and this person should, if possible, give the answer for all questions.  Other team members can feed the answers to the spokesperson. 

The questions have been developed in fifteen curriculum areas proportionate to the relative emphasis each area receives in a secondary curriculum.  The questions have been randomized so that within each round, there will not be a string of items from a particular curriculum area.  Questions test students' recall, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. 

The questions used in the competitions relate to the following curriculum areas including:  National & World Affairs; American History; Art & Music; Biology; Current Events; Earth Science; Economics & Law; English; Geography; Government; Health & Psychology; Literature; Math; Minnesota History; Physical Science; World History; World Languages. 

There are written and oral questions during the course of the competition.  Depending on the level of competition, the format includes one written round and three, four, or five oral rounds.  Five alternate oral questions are included at the end of each round for use at the discretion of the reader and/or judge. 

Each senior high Knowledge Bowl competition consits of one round of sixty multiple choice written questions with a time limit of fifty minutes.  One point is awarded for each correctly answered question; points are not deducted for incorrect answers.  This written round score is combined with oral round scores to determine team placement. 

In an oral round, forty-five questions are asked.  The reader asks the questions orally and the teams press a pressure sensitive tape attached to the equipment when they think they can answer the question.  After buzzing in, team members discuss their answer with one another before providing the judge with an answer.  Scratch paper is available at all times for the teams' use.  Points are awarded for correctly answered questions. 

Information taken from the Senior High Coaches' Handboook, copyright 2013 by Lakes Country Service Cooperative. 


Contact: Spencer Wacholz