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What is Schoology?  
How does Schoology relate to USC's iLearn initiative?

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USC iLearn and Digital Learning
USC's initiative, aptly named USC iLearn, will employ applications available on iPads and on the Web to accelerate learning in grades K-12.  To help organize the abundant resources and applications available for both teachers and students, USC will use Schoology as its "learning management system." 

What is a learning management system?
A learning management system serves teachers and students in a number of ways.  Schoology, the online system that will be installed on USC's iPads, will do the following:
  • provide a space for teachers to build and store course content,
  • serve as a forum for online discussions,
  • function as a place for students to submit electronic assignments,
  • house links to websites and applications related to classes,
  • connect teachers to fellow educators and curriculum on a global scale,
  • facilitate use of GoogleDocs as a common word processing program,
  • introduce students to Evernote as an electronic "Trapper Keeper" for student note-taking,
  • offer apps paired to every subject area.
Though teachers will begin exploring Schoology even before school begins, students may not use the system until later. Ultimately, however, Schoology can help students make educational sense of the Internet and can help structure their learning.  Used to its fullest extent, a Schoology course site can be considered the digital reflection of a student's face-to-face classroom.

By clicking on Schoology, you can learn more about this popular learning management system.

Special Note:  Teachers, if you are interested in using Schoology even before full implementation, please click this link:  Schoology Instructions


Contact: Rita McGill Vondracek