600 11th St. SW
P.O. Box 312
Wells, MN  56097
High School Choir: Syllabus

Mrs. Rame
Rm. C-101
Phone nuber: 507-553-5819 (High School Office)

Choir is designed to: develop musicianship, healthy vocal production, ensemble singing and generate a sight reading methodology through a wide range of musical excersises and genres.
Students will:
Demonstrate proper posture, breath control and mouth shape for good singing tone.
Understand the basics of reading music and how the components: pitch, rhythm, simple meter, tonality and dynamic expression are used in music.
Develop the ability to match pitch and maintain a part within the ensemble.
Students will be evaluated daily on their contribution level to the Choir. Students will also be evaluated in; theory, sight singing, rhythmic and singing performance.
Standards addressed:
Singing alone, and with others; reading, notating, and interpreting music, listening to, ananlyzing and describing music and musical performances.
Grading: will be on a weekly basis, with a possible 20 points earned per week, depending on the effort and knowledge of the music material. There may be occasional assignments, and those grades will be added to the grade book.
Also...performances will be worth 50 points, so please make sure your student attends the performances!!! ( if there is a family emergency, then the student will need to bring a note from the parents, and the student will need to do an extra assignment, to make up for the lost performance experience.)
If you have any questions, please let me know!!
I'm looking forward to a WONDERFUL year at USC!!!
Mrs. Rame

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