Elementary Band

Welcome to the USC Elementary Band page! This ensemble is made up of students in the 5th-6th grades and performs regularly throughout the academic year. 

Performance Schedule (dates also listed on Master Calendar)
Monday, November 21 - Fall Concert & Indoor Show (all bands)
Thursday, March 16 - Showcase Concert (all bands)
Tuesday, May 23 - Spring Concert (5-8 band & choir)

Concert Attire
Students in the Elementary Band wear dress clothes for every performance, unless otherwise specified. All dress clothes must be school appropriate. 

All elementary band students should have a 1" 3-ring binder to hold their music. Students will also need to purchase a lesson book from the Essential Elements series. 

Home Practice

Home practice is an essential part of your student’s learning. Your student will be receiving a blank calendar that will serve as their practice log. A total of 240 minutes of home practice are required each month (60 minutes a week in a 4-week month). Students may break up their practice minutes however they choose, but it is best to practice in smaller increments more frequently than in large increments less frequently. For example, it’s better to practice for 15 minutes a day, 4 days a week, than practice for 4 hours the day before the end of the month. Please indicate the minutes your child practices at home each day, and include a parent initial on those days. The practice calendar will be due on the last school day of the month.