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EBD Class: Syllabus

This class is designed to assist students working on their IEP goals and objectives. Students will earn a letter grade in this class. The grade that they earn will be based on the following criteria:
      2 points for being on time
      2 points for having the agenda book filled out completely 
      2 points for having all materials necessary to complete your work
    +4 points for working (2 points for working with me, 2 points for working on your own)
     10 points possible for the day

Rewards for daily behavior in addition to the grade you earn are:
      2 days in a row with a score of 8-10 (pick one):
                                   10 minutes of computer/iPad time
                                     1 free tardy (less than 5 minutes late)
                                     2 minutes early out from class

      You may drink water in class.
      Work quietly without disturbing others.
      You may chew gum, but I don't want to see it or hear it.
      Have your agenda book to be used when you want to leave the room for any reason.
            You may listen to music if you have headphones on and your device is on your desk.
            The classroom  computer is not your device.
      All of the adults in the room have the right to ask you to follow the rules and routine of the classroom.

What being ready for class looks like:
      Seated when the bell rings
      Agenda book open to today
      Writing your class goal for the day

What ending class looks like:
      Seated in your desk
      Wrote if you met your goal for the day
      Agenda book filled out
      Materials for your next class ready

Grade given will be based on points earned turned into a percent.
      A    95-100%
      A-   90-94%
      B+   88-89%
      B    84-87%
      B-   80-83%
      C+   78-79%
      C    74-77%
      C-   70-73%
      D+   66-69%
      D    64-65% 
      D-   60-63%
      F      0-59%

If you are excused absent from this class you can make up your points by spending 30 minutes before of after school in my room where you will work on assignments. This time can be made up until the end of the quarter in which the absence occurs. Unexcused absences cannot be made up. Absences excused and unexcused are defined in the student handbook.

Your Individual Education Plan contains the goals and objectives you will be working on during the school year. These plans are different for each student. Fair means everyone gets what he or she needs...not everyone gets the same.
United South Central uses the Positive Behavior Plan. 
This consists ofthe



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