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World History: Syllabus

World History Syllabus

10th Grade World History Course Syllabus
“History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.”   -Napoleon Bonaparte
Andy Johnson

Room: A161
Extension: 1361
Course Description
            Welcome to World History! Every fascinating and tragic event ever recorded and interpreted by men and women make up the history of our world. From the first civilizations to exploring the known world and beyond, we will take an in depth look at how the history of human kind effects us all on a daily basis. To do this we will use a World History textbook along with various other primary and secondary sources, videos, and numerous websites. With an open mind and a readiness to learn we will have a great year discovering the history of our world!
A     94-100%
A-     90-93
B+     87-89
B     84-86
B-     80-83
C+     77-79
C     74-76
C-     70-73
D+     67-69
D     64-66
D-     60-63
F      0-59
Late Work
            It is my hope for all of you that you will always turn in your assignments and projects on time; however, I know that life doesn’t always allow that to happen. For this reason I do allow late work to be turned in for partial credit. If you have missed a deadline for a given assignment, and turn it in completed you can still earn half credit. It is still an “F” for that particular assignment but 50% is not nearly as damaging to your final grade as 0% can be.
Extra Credit
            I do not have any formal extra credit assignments; however, there will be many opportunities for you to gain extra credit points. Most days there will be quick reading check assignments where you will have the chance to get a bonus point. Also, I try to include a bonus question or two on my tests.
            It is very difficult to learn and be an active part of class if you are frequently absent. It is crucial that you are present in order for the context of our discussions to make sense.  You are responsible for any work that is missed while you are gone. If you are absent for a school function or any other previously known reason, you need to get your assignments ahead of time. For other absences from class there are a number of places to find out what we did in class that day. You can talk with myself or a classmate, and you can also check the school website, which is updated weekly with lesson plans and assignments. If you miss a test, quiz, or project, you must make verbal contact with me to arrange a make up time.
-Something to write with
-Notebook and folder
-Completed Assignments
            I expect you all to act in a responsible and respectful manner. What that means in my class is that you show up on time with all of your needed materials for that day. It is my expectation that you will treat your classmates as you would have them treat you. I do not tolerate bullying of any kind. I trust that you all will make the decision to be kind to one another everyday. I also expect you to abstain yourself from any kind of cheating. If  you feel that you have not grasped a concept or a lesson, please, please, please let me know! I am here to help you, but if you don’t let me know that you are struggling, I won’t know how best to help you. Lastly, it goes without saying but I expect you to not be talking while I am. To sum this up I expect you to use common sense.

My promise to all of you:
         As your teacher, I will do my best to make sure that you are successful in your education of history. I have a passion for history and the important lessons to be learned from studying it, and I will strive to make this class an exciting and interesting experience for you all. I cannot do your work for you, but I am available for extra help anytime. All you have to do is ask. If you can promise me that you will always show up for class ready to learn, we are going to have a great year together!
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Please complete and send back with the student.
By signing both student and parent agree that they’ve read the above policy and curriculum in this syllabus.
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If available a preferred contact (e-mail or phone) would be appreciated

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