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The Season is just around the corner.

November 28th

1. at least four wrestlers need to get skin pinched and then get our doctor to sign off: Sid, Gavin, Mason, and Jeth (and Hunter for 132).  We are hoping to get them skin pinched on Monday.  I will send out an email to those 4 or 5 on Monday if I hear something; otherwise, they should come to practice.
2. Wrestle Off's have happened and some weight classes resolved; 182 and 160 pounds needs to get decided yet.
3. We will wrestle Blue Earth at home on Friday.  It is shaping up to be a close dual.  Saturday, both levels will be at Blue Earth.  I will send bus times out later in the week.
4. Depth Chart = 
106 - Blake, Bryce, Justin; 
113 - Gavin; 
120 - Micah, Collin; 
126 - Brett; 
132 - Hunter; 
138 - Keenan, Jesse, 
145 - ?; 
152 - Adam; 
160 - Ben/Jonas/Masyn (need a wrestle off); Jacob
170 - Derek; 
182 - Casey/Mitch (need a wrestle off); 
195 - Zach/Mitch/Casey(loser at 182 can wrestle off Zach to determine 195); 
220 - Ethan; 
285 - Sid
There may be a couple missing from this list. They have not registered through the google form so I do not have them on my list.
For duals, I will move people around to get us the best match ups.  The wrestle off's solidify the weekend tournaments.
5. Fargo - the following seven I have invited to Fargo -- Blake, Gavin, Brett, Hunter, Keenan, Adam, Derek.
       -- those in line for the 8th spot  - the winner of 182 pound wrestle off between         Mitch and Casey will get the first offer, the runner up will get the second.                 Following options: Micah, Zach, Ben, Jonas, Jesse, Bryce.
6. December 1st is when attendance will be taken daily.  If a wrestler has one "

Monday, November 23
1. Congrats to Derek, Adam, and Keenan being honored by their peers to be captains.  I have several expectations of leaders and am confident these three fine gentlemen will follow through.
       a.  I want to tell you, as a USC Wrestling Family, how impressed I am with this group of wrestlers.  No matter how hard we work, they do not complain or back off.  This week has felt like I have been coaching at USC for years.             That's a credit to you and your sons.  Thank you and congrats to the captains.
2. Skin Pinch is Tuesday during practice; Weight Certification is Friday at 8 am; so that's when practice will have to begin on Friday.  This is the only time we could get Dr. Johnson.
3. Parent Meeting is Tuesday night at 6 pm.  I will have singlets, sweatpants, and other for donation - you can take what you want and donate to the program whatever dollar amount seems fair to you.
4. Practice times - the only day we will not have practice is Thursday this week (Enjoy your Family and Thanksgiving); practice is normal times Monday through Wednesday; 8 am on Friday and 9 am on Saturday.
5. I am still working on getting a scrimmage worked out with Albert Lea this week.

Thursday, November 19
It has been a great week of practice.  
The wrestlers are all paying attention, working hard, and learning.  It is impressive considering how many interruptions that we endured this with pictures and other.
The t-shirts and shorts idea of all wearing the same gear each practice is working great.  Make sure to thank Ms. Summers for helping us figure it out.  Help remind your sons to wash 3 sets of t-shirts and 2 sets of shorts every weekend for the following week of practice.
Just a quick reminder, we will have practice Saturday morning @ 9 am.  All high school athletes are expected to be there.  For middle school students, they have a choice unless they plan on making the varsity team.  Expect practice to conclude just prior to 11 am.
Next Friday and Saturday we will begin wrestle off's to pick the team.  I told the kids that I do not pick the team, they do through wrestle off's.    Once a wrestler holds a weight class, the challenger must defeat that wrestler twice.  Still, the wrestler who does hold the weight class can concede it, but I always suggest that not happen.
Even if a wrestler is not challenged, they will get a competitive match.
I have Conferences tonight at Loyola so practice will go to about 5:15-5:20.  Your son is supposed to arrange a ride with you prior to tonight, but just in case, I wanted to let family know.
Weight Certification will take place next week.  It will conclude with the doctor at practice next Friday at 8 am.  It's early, but is the only time we could get him to help us out.
The Parent Meeting is after practice next Tuesday night.
Have a great Weekend.

Friday, November 13
1. Mats - get the mats taped and mopped; there will be a coach there to help right after school; the mop, bucket, and supplies are in the room; these should be mopped every Monday before practice and Friday before the weekend.
       a. we will spray every day before practice during the week
       b. we will talk about the process on Monday
       c. My belief is that those that want to lead WANT to do the things behind the scenes LIKE mop/spray the mats before practice - that's Leadership.
2. The Athletic department helped us get PRACTICE GEAR ordered: 3 sets of t-shirts and 2 sets of shorts  
      a. that means everyone will know if something is not washed; that room is a    
         "skin disease free" zone; this is an important part of process
      b. I want to get these handed out the first day so everything is behind us          
          beginning on Tuesday.  We will practice, but odds and ends need to get    
          organized first.
3. Practice times - 1st Week -- 3:35 - 5:45; 2nd Week and beyond - 3:25 - 5:45
4. Assistant Coach(es) - this will be by committee but I am extremely happy about 
    the guys (committee) who are willing to help; there will young and veteran alike 
    who are familiar with the program.  The system will work great.  A special thank 
    you to Mrs. Summers and those giving their time to a sport they love.
5. Get physicals, athletic fees, and other; make sure you are cleared to participate
6. Parents, I will email once a week, normally on Sundays, about the upcoming week (bus times, competitions, etc.) with a review of the past weekend's tournaments;
        **In addition - each week a wrestler from each level will be nominated for 
           MVW (Most Valuable Wrestler) and that too will be in email.
        **Finally, these emails will also get posted to the Coach's Corner on USC's 
          Wrestling Website.  Check there for any updates as that is our central 
          location for everything USC Wrestling Family.
I will try to make sure I do not flood your email box during the week.  Sorry about the length.  Have a great weekend.

1. Get all paperwork and athletic fees payed and submitted
2. clean up diet, remove sodas and sugars
3. Get a workout in daily - remember my suggestion is sprints, pushups, pullups, etc.  It does not need to be complicated -- a 2-3 mile run/Lifting is also fine
4. 1st PRACTICE - Monday, November 16th @ 3:35.  
5. You have extra time to get school work caught up, etc.  You should be geared up (shoes tied, etc.) and prepared to begin as soon as I get there.  Next week we may move practice up 10 minutes, but I want to get you on a routine that week before we move on so the routine is the same.
6. Expect practice to conclude around 5:45 pm.  That's 2 hours of focused, constant effort and attention.
7. Parent Meeting - Tuesday, November 24th after practice (about 6 pm).
8. Weight Certification will be either November 24/25 (these are the dates we are attempting to schedule).
Remember, I do not believe in a heavy weight cut.  My belief is your body will naturally pick a weight for you with hard work and a dedicated diet (5 lbs a week should be the target range).
Parents, at any time, if you believe your son/daughter is missing consecutive meals on consecutive days, I want you to contact me.  Weight Certification is critical to getting this right.  Also, I am attempting to set it up so your athlete can enjoy Thanksgiving (within reason, of course).
Contact me with any concerns.

I wanted to welcome everyone to the USC Wrestling Family.  The first thing you should do is click on the USC Wrestling button and follow the link to a google form.  This form will allow me to get the contact information of the wrestler and family members.  I like to communicate via email, though this website might be the next best thing.

For Wrestling Gear, click on the button.  The required pieces to purchase are A (Nike sweatshirt), B (Nike Long Sleeve), and C (Nike shorts) for the individual wrestlers.  I hate doing this type of thing, but I want all the wrestlers to have the same gear when we go out on weekends and to duals.  Wrestlers will also need their own headgear.  The school provides a warm up top and a pair of sweatpants.  The gear needs to be purchased by this Friday, the 30th.

Fan Gear - you can purchase whatever you would like from this website.

Parent Meeting - Tuesday, November 24th @ 6 pm.  Right now, we will meet in the Commons where all the tables are located.

First Day of Practice - November 16th.  The first week of practice, we will begin practice at 3:35 when I get there (I have to drive from Mankato Loyola).  Right now, we do not have an assistant coach.  If you know of someone, let Sue Summers know immediately.  Expect practice to conclude around 5:45.

Check the Coach's Corner often as pertinent information will be posted here.

Please contact me with any concerns. 

Contact: Coach Routh