HS Solo/Ensemble Contest

This event is required and a large part of your student’s grade - if you have a conflict, please email me ASAP so we can discuss the possibility of point recovery.

Date: Saturday, 1st
Time: TBD
Location: Mankato, MN (MSU)
Dress Code: Dress Clothes (any color) - must be school appropriate

Students will play in small ensembles and/or as soloists for a judge. Transportation will be provided; students are welcome to leave with their parents after they are done performing. The schedule is available below as a PDF. Students may want to bring money for lunch that day, depending on when they perform ($10-15). If a student is performing a solo, they must have an accompanist. Accompanists should be paid for their services, or at the minimum, given a small gift to show your appreciation for their time (ex: card with gift certificate).



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