:  Philosophy and Attendance Policies
1. TRACK & FIELD IS A TEAM SPORT. We expect commitment and  responsibility to  the team in terms of Attendance, Attitude and Achievement from  ALL  team members.
2. EVERY TEAM MEMBER IS IMPORTANT.  Every member of the team  has a   contribution  to make to the success of the team.  Junior Varsity, and Varsity  athletes are all of  equal  importance/rank.  While age, longevity, achievement do not warrant  special treatment or priviledges, they  do carry with them  greater responsibility.  All team members will be  judged by   team  mates  and the coaching staff  in terms of  their Attendance, Attitude and effort.
3. WE DO NOT CUT CORNERS OR CHEAT  in workouts, school, or  our personal  life.  We pay a fair price for success  in terms of time,  work, and dedication, and have found that success  will  follow.          
Attendance Policies)
General Comments:
1.  Athletes are expected to be here to practice with the team. Practice time is 3:25.
2. Athletes may be excused from team practice by the Head Coach only. In cases of “same-day” EMERGENCY. USC students should call me at home in  case of a “same day” EMERGENCY. In both cases, this should be done ASAP in the day. EMERGENCIES normally involve sudden  death or impending death or EMERGENCY surgery  of a family member.
3. Notifying the Head Coach of the possibility  of the need to be gone from Team practice is not  the same as being excused. Call or talk- not e-mail. Sick/not in school- e-mail ok. ASAP.
4. When asking to be excused from team practice, the athlete should also communicate a plan to the  Head Coach for making up the missed  team practice. Missed  team practices  will normally be made-up before school or in some cases after supper. The  athlete should understand that the  athlete isn’t coming in for the coach, the  coach is coming in for the  athlete.
5. It should be kept in mind that even though an absence may be “excused” and “made up” at a different time, that practicing away from the team, even under the supervision of the coach  is never as good as practicing with the team....both in terms of quality and morale for that  athlete and his/her team mates. Excessive requests to miss  team practice, even for semi-legitimate reasons may indicate that the student is too busy to be out for track.         
6. When  the absence is tentatively excused, and a make-up plan is agreed upon  by the Head Coach and the athlete,  the  absence is finally excused only if  the  agreed upon plan is carried out.
7. My  first reaction will always be “come to team track practice if at all possible”. Second reaction, “can the other activity be rescheduled? ,  third reaction..... “individual Track Practice”.
8. It is difficult to come up with an attendance policy that fits all situations that can arise, there will always be something that doesn’t “fit the plan.”
9. Track is a team sport. ....the team needs to practice
The following will be used as general guidelines in determining whether an absence will or will not be excused. The examples  listed under each  category are not intended to be all inclusive. They are there just to give a feel for the types of conflicts involved.
1. Conflicts over which the student and/or parents have no control.
a. School activities out of town. Other schools are involved. Alternate transportation not possible. Alternate scheduling of the other activity is not possible.
b. School/Church public Performance
c. family emergencies- see note on Emergencies..
d.  court appearances
SOLUTION: Contact the Head Coach in advance to arrange a make-up practice.
2. Conflicts over which the student and/or parents have some control.
a. Out of town medical or dental appointments, especially if the parent must drive
b. Seniors college visits
c. Confirmation
d. ACT Tests
SOLUTION: Encourage parents to try to reschedule the  conflict. If the conflict cannot be rescheduled, communicate with the Head Coach in advance to set up an alternate practice.
3. Conflicts over which the student and/or parents have considerable control.
a. In town medical or dental  appointments           
b. Juniors college visits
c. Confirmation classes                               
d. Family reunions out of town
e. Spring break (or weekend) trip to Ipswitch, South Dakota with parents
f. Work
SOLUTION: Make every attempt to reschedule so there is no conflict. If it can’t be rescheduled, communicate with the head coach in advance to set up an alternate practice.
4. Conflicts over which the student and/or parents have complete control.
a. Little brothers birthday party                    
b. baby sit- not an emergency
c. State Basketball/Wrestling Tournament 
d. Taking dog to vet to have toe-nails trimmed
SOLUTION: Reschedule conflict
5. Conflicts over which the student has complete control.
a. detention
b. Spring break ( or weekend) trip to Booger Hollow, Missouri with class mates.
c. Going to Mankato to buy parts for car
d. decorating for prom
SOLUTION: Don’t even think about it.